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Servicing Individual & Business Tax Needs 
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Here are a few reasons to book a consult with us:
  • ‚ÄčYou received a delinquent tax notice from the IRS & not sure what it means

  • You are a new business and not sure what tax to file and when to file

  • You are a sole proprietorship, Single Member LLCs so you require a Schedule C

  • You are in a business partnership with someone so you will need to file a Form 1065 & K-1

  • You are taxed as a corporation S Corp or C Corp, need a form 1120

  • You haven't been filing your taxes and need to become compliant with the IRS

  • You owe back taxes and need help clearing it up

  • You own a business and need help paying your quarterly taxes and understanding what deadlines apply to you

  • You've been doing it yourself and you want to avoid an IRS audit

  • You don't have a clue about tax credits but you want the benefits

  • Or maybe, you just want a stress-free tax season and it's time to turn it over to the experts

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Strategy Call First

First, we schedule a discovery call to learn a thing (or two) about you & your business. The main objective of this call is to determine your business needs and see how we can best help you.


Contract + Payment

Once decide to work together, a proposal and contract are sent for the services we will render, in addition to a payment link to pay a retainer. This is all electronically for your convenience.


The Magic Begins

We start the onboarding process, where we go to work and initiate getting the vital document from our request list! We frequently communicate throughout the process to ensure the work is delivered electronically on time. Once completed, you will access your financials 24/7 through our secure client portal.

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